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Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, Blue Choice, CIGNA, United Health Care

We are In-Network with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois. We accept traditional BCBS PPO insurance, as well as the BCBS "Bluechoice" PPO (Marketplace/"Obamacare") policies. We do not accept BCBS HMO insurance. If you are unsure about your specific coverage feel free to reach out; for most policies we can easily check on your coverage and let you know before scheduling a first appointment. 
Most people with BCBS PPO insurance have a $20 or $30 copay, and insurance covers the rest of the cost.  Some people do have deductibles, but for most people the deductible only matters when treatment is at a hospital (inpatient), not at an office (outpatient). In most cases, whatever your pay when you go see your regular primary care physician is what you also pay when you go to outpatient psychotherapy.